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Miltex GmbH

Over 30 years experience in anti-fatigue matting, entrance mats and floor mats!

Miltex not only disposes of extensive know-how in matting but also offers Europe’s widest range of mats with anti-fatigue properties, and dirt-trapping systems.

Work station mats - for a good and healthy working environment

Not every workplace is protected from the daily dangers: maybe oil drops fall on the ground, liquids leading to high slip risks or to hard floors, which means an enormous physical stress for the worker, which stands a long time on it- health-related absenteeism in company are the result.

Remedy are mats of the Miltex GmbH. The flooring specialist offers for almost every situation in the workplace the best fitting mat:

Dirt-trapping systems

The first impression is the most important – first impressions begin at the entrance and last forever. With the Miltex dirt-trapping mats you can make your entrance look its best and leave a perfect impression. It is right here that the mats scrape off and trap undershoe dirt and keep the entrance area and the whole building a lot cleaner.